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Tesco to sell plasters in different shades as per the skin tone

In order to give a better reflection of racial diversity, Tesco, the UK’s biggest retailer, is stocking plasters in a variety of skin tones. The company said that the plasters, which comes in shades like dark, light and medium, would represent the nation in a better way.

One of the retailer said that it all started with a US man’s emotional tweet who used the plaster for the first time that could match his skin tone. According to Tesco it was UK’s first supermarket to take such a step. On Twitter People were welcoming the news, while there were some who were questioning why the product took such a long time to be launched.

After US racial equality advocacy group Race Forward’s Dominique Apollon’s tweet went viral, Tesco, UK’s leading supermarket giant developed the plasters. Mr. Apollon in a tweet that went viral said that for the first time he used a plaster that matched his skin tone, he was overwhelmed and it made his eyes watery. The Tweet managed to get comments and retweets that were more than 100,000.

When it comes to buying plasters of different shades there are very few options for people to buy. Boots offers transparent plasters but it does not stock ones in multiple shades. There are many specialist brands that are available offline and online as well but those brands can be costing more. Tesco that has always been one of the leading brands in selling their own brand plasters said that UK’s 741 stores will be selling their new plasters.

BBC has been told by Superdrug that they are also planning to launch plasters for different skin tones such as light tone, medium tone and dark tone skin in six weeks’ time across all of its stores.

An executive search firm Green Park’s diversity expert Nicola Paul, welcomed the news. She further added that there are some fashion retailers who are willing to consider to extend their ranges especially in the ‘nude’ range section. Now a days the ‘nude’ range is not only limited to pale color for any type of product such as underwear, tights or even shoes. She also said that when it comes to the sustainability agenda the Supermarkets are very competitive and it would be great to see more examples like this coming through.