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Exotic Fragrances grab more customer attention resulting in higher sales

Marketers have always been following the principle stating ‘What’s visible would sell’ as it would bring sensorial connect with the consumers stating that the thing that smells good would sell good as it would please the customers. The sensorial play an important role in sales and promotion of the goods.

A traditionally rooted fragrances such as sandalwood and jasmine have been contributing to give good fragrance in soaps, perfumes and many other things. Now a days there is emergence of newer fragrances with mixing and experiments of the fruity- floral fragrances which are gaining attention of the customers as they are used for various products in the perfume as well as cosmetics sectors. The fragrance connects with the customers depending up on how exotic and pleasant it is.

Rishabh Kothari CEO of CKC Aromas states that there are a lot of experiments being carried out in the fruits and flowers like smelling space. There are people who are trying for something different with their taste in perfumes and fragrances are going for ‘oud’. There is a huge demand for the fragrances which are natural. The trend of naturals in FMCG is leading the sensory market.
Dabur India marketing head (home & personal care) Rajeev John says that fragrance is the first point of contact of an individual with the product as any person tends to smell the product first before touching or experiencing it. In many products in personal care, home care and cosmetics, fragrance becomes a very important factor when the customer selects a product to buy. The younger generation is attracted towards newer exotic fragrances in their area of interest like perfumes, soaps, talcum powders, body lotions and other necessities. Fragrances like sandalwood and jasmine are relevant today also and they have been exploring more spaces like home and cosmetics.