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Wipro’s Smart Lighting Solutions, now available Offline

Wipro’s consumer care and lighting products which were available online exclusively on Amazon India will be also available in offline retail. The company plans to expand market availability of their smart lighting business to retail market offline as well. Wipro expanded their Smart Lighting Solutions also with its product line up to a full range of lighting and smart security solutions in December 2019, from a smart bulb which was introduced in October 2018 by Wipro to.

Sanjay Gupta, Business Head and Senior Vice President, Consumer lighting & Switches, Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting says that Wipro smart bulb was one of the best smart bulb available on Amazon India and they have more than 50% of share in smart lighting on Amazon. They begin it with a target of cities which have more than 10 lakh population and by September or October there will be a lot of these products in retail market.

Smart bulb is a concept introduced by Wipro, where the lights are embedded with Wi-Fi, smart COB, smart panel that works on Bluetooth Mesh technology. There are features like smart doorbell, socket, USB ports, and plugs in the smart home systems with other devices.

Wipro has been working on the combination of innovation and technology and came up with the Wipro lighting to provide easy, reliable and affordable solutions to the customers. Wipro pioneered smart lighting in India along with the LED range. Wipro aims to revolutionize and be at the top of the smart lighting market. The current contribution of Wipro to the lighting market is about 3% and it should be more than 15% by the year of 2020-21 says Mr. Gupta.

Consumers are more and more attracted towards the smart solutions from the last couple of years. There are other features like flexibility and the dimmable option results in energy saving provided in the smart lighting and also a feature of changing colours. Hence smart lighting has gained a lot of importance as it is easier to control a light bulb in your homes or offices with an app or by using a voice command.

Because of the corona virus outbreak in China there might be a situations where there is shortage of the stocks as 35% of the raw material and components come from China. Though Wipro is looking for alternative market to buy these products, the shortage will lead to the increase of production cost which the customer may have to bear says Mr. Gupta.