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Tata Power to Encourage Electric Vehicles Usage by increasing the Charging Stations

A top company official from Tata Power is making a plan of increasing their network of charging stations of the electric vehicle to 700 by the end of this year or next year.

100 of these charging stations have already been installed in many cities including the major cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Delhi and Pune which they plan to take it to 300 by March 2020.

Tata Power’s CEO and Managing Director Praveer Sinha says that they have started the operation of setting up the stations by mapping the locations where these electric vehicles are launched and the charging stations will be set up in those cities. They aim to set up around 700 charging stations by next year he says.

The Government is planning to take steps towards increasing the customers and usage of Electric vehicles. So the government took the decision of reducing the GST rate on these vehicles to five per cent from twelve per cent. This makes the EVs more affordable to a large number of public and hence they opting for it.

He also mentioned about how the government’s focus is also on providing home charging stations for the Electric vehicle along with Public places like, shopping malls, metro stations, theatres and highway.

Tata Power is already in talks with the municipal corporation and the metro rail authorities to install these electric vehicles charging stations. Also, there are certain outlets owned by Tata Group such as Chroma, Titan watch showroom, WestSide, and many Indian Hotels, among others. They will also be installed with the charging stations of the electric vehicles.

Sandeep Bangia Head-EV and home automation says that the company will also look at installing charging stations with increased power to 30-50 kW standards from the standard 15 kW stations as demand grows.

The company has set up 30 station in Mumbai, which is expected to increase to 200 by the next year by setting up HPCL, IGL retail outlets and other outlets.