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Major Tech Players Concerned About Attending The World Congress Meet

Several major manufacturers of the mobiles and technological giants are withdrawing from one of the biggest gathering of the mobile world congress, which is held in Spain in Barcelona. It has been confirmed that in China especially in Hubei and Wuhan, more than 28,000 people have been infected by the Coronavirus. This has led to an increased need for the companies to prevent the spread of the infection among the employees. The event is likely to be scheduled from February 24-27, which is likely to be held in this period.

For the welfare and wellbeing of the employees the companies have withdrawn from the event. However, this is considered as the most important and major event which is held at the annually every two years.  One of the major highlights of the events is the gathering of the event is, the event draws several attendees, which ranges to approximately more than 2,400 companies and over 100,000 attendees. This also includes the some of the major players which Sony, Amazon, and others.

Moreover, these companies are known for the introduction of their latest innovations which they are likely to launch in the upcoming year. However, one of the major factor which is likely to affect the exhibition is the absence of one of the major player, which includes the Amazon.  This is likely to affect the exhibition. A spokesperson from the Amazon confirmed the company will inhibit the launch of their, Amazon Web Services, Amazon’s cloud computing arm and several topics which includes the 5G connectivity and artificial intelligence.

However, despite the absence of giants in the industry, the summit is likely to take place, as per the plan. This statement was given by the official spokesperson of the event organizer. The summit is likely to have a massive number of people which consists of more than 2,800 exhibitors. Some of the other companies which are likely to be absent involves the LG and  Amdocs (DOX).