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Chinese Media is suffering restrictions by the US government

There are several majors which comprise of Stringent rules has been implemented on the Chinese state media organizations which is further classified as a part of foreign mission agenda. This has been implemented by the officials of the United States. This has been a major propaganda for the Beijing’s growing agendas. In an attempt to infuriate Beijing, the department of states has provided orders to several outlets which consist of the renowned new agency – Xinhua and the Chinese Global Television Network. These are likely to get an approval before the purchase of any property. According to a statement released by a department, it is essential to submit list of all the employees which is also consist of the list of increasing number of US citizens on their staffs.

In addition, there will be no restriction imposed on the activities of the Chinese media’s journalistic during their tenure in United States. These changes were informed to the outlets with new rules by State department’s official.

All these majors five entities are part of the party state propaganda and they are likely to take the orders directly from the top managements, this was reported by one the official reporters. He further stated that it has been controlled since the very beginning and is likely to be more aggressive and stronger in the upcoming period of time.

Despite the changes, there has been no retaliatory actions which is likely to be taken in addition the Chinese journalists are enjoying their freedom and open system in the United States. Also, there is severe constraints on the journalists whereby they are restricted to perform their duties inside the People’s Republic of China.

There are several outlets where they are been targeted under the prevalence which includes China Radio International. Furthermore, several aspects also consist of the distributors of the official People’s Daily and English-language China Daily.

According to the US justice department several Chinese media outlets are warned for the registrations of these units as a foreign agents. In addition, it also consist of separate regulations which are required to file the activities which are carried by them. Two of the major network agencies of China have compiled and adhered with the Foreign Agents Registration Act. In the previous month there was a complaint filed by lawmakers whereby the officials of Xinhua did not follow the rules and thereby questioned the government policies. There has been an increased pressure on china which has led to an increase in several tariffs leading to wide scale increase of trade war. This has led to an increase criticism from the millions of Uighurs and other Turkic Muslims.