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Stocks to watch out for: BPCL, Muthoot Finance and others

On Tuesday, February 18th, an early signs of possible breakout were shown by the domestic stock market from its consolidation range. And For Dalal street a weak start has been seen as Singapore’s Nifty futures traded 29.50 points lower on Wednesday February 19th.

So here are some of the stocks to watch out on:

With a target price of Rs 452 HDFC Securities has maintained its ‘neutral’ rating on Bharat Petroleum (BPCLNSE -0.43 %). Brokers believe that fully privatized situations are being offered by the current valuation multipliers and the re-rating of BPCL can be possibly improved only by the improvement in cash flow and earnings. Also, for the third quarter the company’s marketing inventory gains stood at Rs 82 crore and refining business inventory gains were at Rs 450 crore. BPCL’s shares slipped down by 3.1 per cent and were closed at Rs 461.

The company IDBI Capital has maintained the purchasing ability and its market price to buy at a specific rate which has been shelved on the Muthoot finance with an estimated market price Rs 875 at NSE -0.24 %. In addition, there are numerous factors which can be attributed to the changing nature of the environment, in addition the management has made several efforts and taking effective measures to meet the expectations which is likely to boost the growth of the market by an estimated growth of nearly 15 per cent in the parts of the core gold book, which is likely to be placed in the financial book of the year 2020. In addition, there are several uncertainties which is likely to create a turmoil and uncertainty, with the NBFC’s. This can lead to creation of major challenge for the Muthoot in the second quarter of the financial year. Moreover, it is being borrowed from the sevral different and diversified sources in the upcoming years. Furthermore, the growth of the subsidiaries is fairly decent, however one subsidiary, which is the finance is likely to have a setback for the market, which accounts for an approximate 12% of the loans which are likely to be recorded in the loan book. In the market, the stocks and shares of the Muthoot found a closing of nearly Rs 873, up 17 per cent.

The purchasing rate has been consistently being maintained by Anand Rathi. Its estimation for the rating is at an estimated price of approximately INR 311. There has been a slip in the growth of the domestic autos and footwear which has impacted the financial quarter of third part. But still since December 2019 there has been some good signs which includes an uptick in auto sales and recovery in exports. Moreover, from FY21 the contribution will be made by the recently-commissioned PU plant. Mayur’s shares has been locked at Rs 241, which is up by 6.3 percent.