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11 dangerous asteroids spotted by NASA’s AI

NASA’s AI system has discovered some interesting and dangerous things which are present in our solar system and humans were unaware about it. There are lot of heaps and plenty of space rocks hanging in our solar system. Most of the space rocks are not dangerous and will not harm to our planet but there is a possibility of some very tiny particles which might come to close to the earth. At some point of time in the future, earth will be on collision path with hazardous asteroid. Also it is identified that the particles which might pose threat to the earth would be massive deal for the humans in the future. In Present day, telescopes and other best observational tools available with researchers can give an excellent notion about the rocks which are heading our way to the astronomers. However the complete dependence on the humans is likely to surge more possibilities and exposure to dangers which is likely to be messed or overlooked by the possibilities of hitting and asteroids. The researchers from the Netherlands developed an AI network are studying about the lot of potentially dangerous asteroids which were been missing and also trying to analyse the facts and solutions to see what it could find.

In the new paper published by the researchers on Astronomy and Astrophysics, they explained that the computer brain had given a task of spotting objects that were likely to observe from distance approximately 4.7 million miles of from the Earth. This distance is close enough and seems like a nice cushion. Scientist will now be able to track the asteroids for long period. Therefore they can study about them and will be able to ensure that they don’t harm down the road. These objects needs to meet the criteria of size and measure over 100 meters in diameter so that AI system would be able treat while analysing those objects. If those objects fall under that size criteria then these objects have potential to cause serious threats and directly impact our planet. After the calculations and predictions along with the simulations for nearly 10000 years it has been estimated that there are some gratifying results presented by AI. Along with these results there were several dangerous objects which were not been discovered. The range of the dangerous asteroids which were detected lead to an increased number of nearly 11 asteroids which are likely to have an impact. These asteroids are however yet to make to the record of NASA’s list of the most dangerous and hazardous objects.

The researchers are now hoping that their techniques would find out dangerous Asteroids with greater accuracy. In one of statements given by Portegies Zwart, a member of the research team, explains that they are sure about their techniques that they will work but for better inputs and neural network they are examining deeper in the research.