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Snapchat brings ‘Here for you’ to help the Mental Health Patients

Mental health is gaining importance on social media over a last few years. Snapchat contributing to it, has created a tool called ‘Here for You’ to help the people seeking help with the mental health issues over the internet. The tool ‘Here for You’ directs the users to industry experts for mental health when they put keywords related to the mental health. This initiative was led by Snapchat to coincide with Safer Internet Day.

The tool directs the users to articles written by experts for the people to read and feel better.

Snapchat is introducing a way of taking responsibility for its users by initiating a measure to help the mentally unwell users. When the users are at their lowest points mentally or need some professional help, the app direct them to the articles which are designed to help them.

The purpose is to address the issues on the application and help people who look prone to mental health problems such as anxiety, anorexia, depression and many others.

The Snapchat’s parent company Snap is been keeping an eye on the content that is public for many years now. With the analysis of that data and patterns, they decided to come up with this service tool.

This is how the tool works – The Snapchat user searches mental health related topic like depression, stress, anxiety, grief or several others, the app will notice these key words and help the user. The app will redirect the user to its tool ‘Here for You’ which will have articles related to mental health by industry experts.

Before Snapchat, Pinterest had also taken an initiative to help its users in a similar way by directing the users to who search for these terms to the World Health Organisation portal.

Snapchat a company based out of US has more users from the age of 13 to 24 than other social media applications like Instagram, Facebook and other apps.