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AVA Biochem to develop bio-based platform chemical in collaboration with Michelin Group.

Swiss speciality chemicals company AVA Biochem has entered into a joint development agreement with tyre specialist Michelin Group in order to develop its bio-based platform chemical which can be used in a variety of materials. Essentially, platform chemicals are building blocks which can be converted not just into a wide range of materials, but a wide range of chemicals as well.

To establish the first commercial-scale production plant of 100% bio-based molecule 5-HMF in the world is AVA Biochem and Michelin collaboration’s main goal which will ultimately bring versatile chemical based novel product applications onto the market. It has been said by AVA Biochem that a fully water-based process for the conversion of industrial sugars into 5-HMF has been developed, patented and piloted by them.


The company believes that, in various mass-market applications like biopolymers (such as yarns, films, bottles and other packaging), this platform chemical is ideally positioned to replace petroleum-sourced chemicals. Along with that resins and adhesives where highly toxic formaldehyde is used 5-HMF will replace it. In various industrial products and consumer goods, these applications will be focusing on the improvement of lot of vital factors such as economics, performance, safety (non-toxicity) and sustainability (low-carbon footprint).

Chairman and Co-founder of AVA Biochem, Peter Achermann said that as the Michelin is on one of the most innovative vendors in the market, they are proud to be working together with Michelin. He further added that a powerful opportunity to develop eco-friendly industrial product is represented by the collaboration with Michelin.

This is the latest in a long line of sustainability partnership projects that Michelin has committed to of late. In October 2019, the tyre giant Michelin made an announcement that it was on a path of a project which was aiming to not make use of  any ‘substances of very high concern’ (SVHC) classified compounds while creating a new adhesive resin.

The project called BioImpulse brings together both private and public players along with the tyre specialist Michelin such as agricultural research institute INRA, engineering institute INSA and technological institute FCBA and also Lesaffre through its fermentation specialist Leaf business unit. ADEME will support the BioImpulse project under Future Investment Program by France.