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Apple Watch’s sensors detect medical condition

Skylar Joslin, 13-year-old teenager in Oklahoma is crediting the Apple Watch for warning him about his high heart rates which could have become a serious heart problem that may have otherwise gone undetected. Skylar Joslin was sitting in the classroom and suddenly his apple watch gave him indications of high heart rate. He immediately reacted and sent his mother a text. In one of the statements given by his mother, a text message which she received from her son along with a screenshot of Skylar’s heart rate which was showing 190.

The message indicated that there was some anomaly which caused a sudden rise in his heart rate, despite no physical activity it kept on rising.

After reading text Skylar’s mother took quick and decisive action and went to go pick her son from school. She rushed him to the nearby emergency medical centre where it was found that the pulse rate had escalated to 202 beats per minute. After the diagnosis, it was confirmed he was suffering from Supraventricular Tachycardia.

SVT is a state where heart rates increase abnormally due to electrical irregularities in the heart. And SVT can rise abruptly incidentally. Thankfully Skylar’s apple watch helped him to detect his high heart rate which could have gone in something awry immediately though SVT is not typically a dangerous or life threatening condition. But it something that can bet dangerous with time and get progressively worse if it not treated on time. Eventually Skylar went through a cardiac ablation procedure to treat the underlying condition. One of the distinguishing factors about the apple watch is despite this being the most expensive device it has always served its purpose by fulfilling and delivering the best results. In a similar instance, the feature can be used in several medical condition. This has saved lives of several users which made it most popular device in the market.