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Apple decides to launch new iPhone with an improvised design

Apple’s 2020 iPhone 12 plans are already buzzing with big upgrades inside and out. But now it has been revealed by a breaking news that Apple has taken a decision to design a phone, which is potentially brilliant, radical and risky. In a new exclusive, according to what always-great Fast Company revealed, from the iPhone 12 Apple has decided to resume tearing up Core 5G technology. Reports have reported “buckling” over the design of Qualcomm’s 5G antenna modules. And now Apple wants to replace it from the ground up. IPhones start their first production run in June 2020, so to do this in just four months is going to be an immense challenge for Apple. After buying the Intel division, Apple signing a multi-year 5G agreement with Qualcomm is no coincidence. So for Apple’s 5G plans this is like an extraordinary acceleration.  The flip side is that Apple’s fundamental decision is that it is likely to win big with industry-wide results. From a business perspective, if Qualcomm’s design is completed by Apple, then there is a distinct differentiation and competition from the competition.

Success would also mean Apple can again marry the development of more hardware and software in unison, something which has historically worked to its advantage. Apple could potentially push updates which boost the performance (and consequently network speeds) of its 5G antenna in a way rivals sourcing Qualcomm antennas cannot. It will be considered as a big win as well from a design perspective. Over the bulkier Qualcomm antenna Apple’s success would mean the iPhone 12 can be sleeker than any rival 5G phone or for a bigger battery it may use the extra saved space.

It seems like Apple is going to increase iPhone prices again across the range. It has been said that the iPhone 12 line-up looks perfect if ever there was an iPhone worth saving up for.