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America’s Milk producer Dean Foods to be acquired by Dairy Farmers

Dean Foods, will be taken by the America’s largest producer of the Milk. This take over will be completed in the upcoming financial year. In the month of November, the Dean Foods had filed for the process of bankruptcy. However, there are some challenges which are likely to occur because of the process of the closing of the company. In the statement and the press releases govern by the representatives of the dairy farms, the process is likely to be completed in an amount of nearly USD $425 million.

In the process of the buying, the dairy farmers are likely to acquire, all the possible Dean’s liabilities, which is likely to be acquired the remaining 44 of the company’s facilities, which is likely to be acquired by the Dairy Farmers of America. In addition, several other aspects are also likely to be taken by the dairy farmers of America. In the process of the biding, there were several aspects which were hindering the bidding of the market. The company faced several challenges for attracting the several consumers which are likely to be associated with the dairy business. There are several business which were keen to take over the firm, however most of them were non-dairy business. In that period, the company was suffering from major set  back of a major net loss. The company suffered a net loss of about seven among its eight quarters in the estimated time of the year.

According to a statement released by the CEO of the Dean Foods, the company has a cordial relations with the DFA. It has been associated with the DFA in the estimated past 20 years. The company is confident about their abilities to have a successful year in the current financial year and also serves the customers with a rigorous commitment to provide the best services and commitment to the customers.