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Air-gen can generate electricity out of thin air

Three decade ago, scientist found a bizarre sediment organism in the muddy shore of the Potomac River. This strange residue organism had some properties which could do things nobody has ever seen in any bacteria before. The genus of this strange microorganism is Geobacter genus. This organism first renowned for its capability of producing magnetite in the absence of oxygen around it. With time scientists got to know that it could also do some other things such as bacterial nanowires which conducts electricity.

For several years scientists and researcher have been putting their efforts to discover something out of ways to usefully exploit that natural gift organism. With help of a device scientist could have hit pay dirt and they were calling it Air-gen. In one of the statements given by the scientist team, it is discovered that the device can create electricity out of almost nothing. Jun Yao, electrical engineer from the University of Massachusetts Amherst stated in interview that they have literally produced the electricity out of thin air and Air-gen can produce clean energy all the time.

This assertion given by Yao can be sound as overstatement but a new analysis by him and his team explains how the air-powered generator can generate electricity with nothing but the presence of air around it. This could be possible due to the electrical conductive protein nanowires generated by the Geobacter. The Air-gen comprise of thin films of the protein nanowires which is having only 7 micrometres thickness. This film is kept between two electrodes and it exposed to air around it. Because of the nanowires film’s exposer with to the air, it can absorb water vapour which exists in the atmosphere which further enables to create electric current conducted between two electrodes continuously. Therefore humidity is necessary to generate the electricity. This invention of electrical conductivity was happened almost by sudden.