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Tribal Products Market to Boost up internationally in next 3 years

The government is taking an initiative to market the products which are being made in the tribal market at various places in India. These places are situated in the rural remote areas, hence to build their business and make their market reach to various places digitally or manually. The centre is planning to market these products with the help of the top retailers and ecommerce websites in India and internationally and is been approaching them with the plan.  They are looking forward to increase the valuation of such products and increase its sales from Rs. 300 crore last year to Rs. 10,000 crore in the next three years.

A day not so far when a saree designed by a tribal family in Uttar Pradesh with Bagh print may be showcased in a mall or retail store in any urban state. The Dokra handicrafts made by Chhattisgarh tribals with a special metal could be seen at a Walmart store. Or next time you may get to use a handmade lemon grass soap or body wash when you stay at a five star hotel, which will be made by the Himachal Pradesh tribals.

The ministry of tribal affairs and ministry of commerce have initiated a campaign named ‘Go Tribal’ where in every household should have at least one tribal product over the next three years is set as a target for themselves. Government is approaching Amazon and Walmart like companies to sell the products overseas.

The project entails promotions of many other things apart from handicraft goods which are not much known such as honey, nutrabeverages, herbaceuticals. The Quality control of these products will be ensured by The Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India (Trifed0 and it will have a ‘Tribes’ authentication mark.

Trifed managing director Pravir Krishna says that the tie up with Amazon has sold handlooms worth 1 crore since January.