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V-mart to lower its prices, looking at the Customer Behaviour

The consumption of goods which was estimated to go down and which has been showing a downward pace in the last couple of quarters is estimated to be flat at present. There is no going down anymore and it’s at a steady place now. It is expected to show an uptrend. Presently it is neutral in comparison of the previous year. The consumption should pick up with respect to the latest budget that came in. People have not spend since a long time hence they want to spend more and want more money in their pocket, hence they can’t wait for things to happen says Lalit Agarwal, CMD, V-Mart Retail.
He also says that everything is positive around as people want to consume goods as they are tired of not spending for the last 3 4 quarters. There was a good rainfall this year which gives hope of good growth of rabi crop. It has become more about sentiments and it can bounce back once again mostly from word of mouth. Things are going good as they should be. There is an increase in employment opportunities with the growth of companies and infrastructure. Only the growth of factories is not showing an upward trend. Holi would bring another hope which is a big festival in many states.

V-mart has a huge category of fashion and apparel which will continue to drive. There are some changes being made in the décor and arrangement which will give a pleasant look and feel of every item also focusing on the footwear section says Mr. Agarwal.

We believe that because of more information availability, consumers mind to market as the fashion sense has grown up. People are looking forward to make more consumptions of items which are related to fashion but cannot because of its high prices says Mr Agarwal