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Cleveland to get new Logistics Center by BNSF Railway

On February 13th the Railway Company BNSF made an announcement regarding the launch of its newest logistics center which will be located at Cleveland in North Houston. BNSF Railway is one of leading cargo transportation companies of North America. In highly populated Houston market and its surroundings, once completed the rail-served development will help businesses to increase their speed and reach as it has been designed to do so. The customers locating at North Houston will be able to save expenses and time of about nine months or more of development.

Mayor Otis Cohn said that for Cleveland’s industrial future the reality of a BNSF Logistics Center is a game changer. He further added that as Cleveland is a vital and important link in the national transportation system as it is perfectly composed for such a development. Where Cleveland is a city that is ready to lend itself to strategically located transportation services but all it needs is a company that sees and realizes that potential such BNSF.

The needs of continuously expanding market of Houston market are expected to be addressed by Logistics Center North Houston at Cleveland. Logistics Center will be located on State Highway 105 next to I-69. The business park is to be built in area of more than 1,100 total acres and is capable of fulfilling the needs of customers by offering multiple supplies by rail-served site. The facility is able to provide customers with both unit train single commodity and manifest mixed freight and also features more than 20 new customer sites.

Assistant vice president of economic development, Colby Tanner said that the selection of the location for the logistics center is strategically done by BNSF’s Economic Development team. He further added that when the customers of BNSF can expect saving significant amount of and money both when they utilize the knowledge and expertise of BNSF’s economic development team, while locating their amenities at prime locations, such as the Greater Houston area.

The main focus of BNSF Logistics Centers is to offer multi-customer and multi-commodity business parks with direct rail service. For the growth of the facility to create sites in end-user, strategic, under-served markets direct investments are made by BNSF.