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Samsung’s Foldable Phone To Be Unveiled Soon

Samsung is one of the major producer and manufacturer of android smartphones. With the advent of technology and increased competition has led to an introduction of new foldable smartphone which is likely to boost the growth of the market for Samsung.

Along with the introduction of the new Galaxy  S20 series, the company also unveiled the new foldable Galaxy Z Flip. The introduction of the Z Flip was in the spotlight, while it was being unveiled. The company introduced the presentation with the new Galaxy Z Flip which was futher the spotlight of the event.

With the release of the new Motorola Razr has led to the increased demand among the consumers for the foldable smartphones. While Motorola is known for their foldable smartphones, which has led to an increased expectation among consumers. The new Samsung foldable smartphones is likely to have an increased expectations from the Samsung users, which is likely to have an increased demand among the consumers.

The quality which is offered by the Samsung is high. It provides increased novelty and premium technology, which is likely to escalate the market for the users. It provides a sharp metal frame, along with the increased symmetry which is offered for the consumers. Some of the analysts determines one of the significant and distinguishing factor from the Motorola Razr is its fingerprint sensor, which is not available in the Motorola Razr. In addition, it also has a sharp and flashy glass finish – similar to the Samsung Galaxy S7. The company has also modified and made several changes which consist of the changes in the hardware, which was unavailable during the previous version of the foldable smartphones. The hardware issues which were recurring in the time period has also been fixed in the new foldable Samsung Galaxy Z.  In addition, it has also maintained the similar features which includes the USB-C port and speaker, which is available on the bottom in the regular smartphones.