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Nasheville To Get A Superfast Internet Service ‘Webpass’ by Google Fiber

Google Fiber recently announced that the company is launching its super-fast internet service that is Webpass to the music city Nasheville. After it was launched in August in Austin (Texas), Nashville is the second city to have Google Fiber as well as Webpass. On Tuesday in a blog post, Google Fiber made the announcement of bringing Webpass in Nasheville owing to explosive growth of the city over the last decade. According to the survey of Nasheville city, Population of downtown city has increased over 90 percent since 2012. In a blog post company said that they know the Google Fiber and Nasheville city are a perfect match. So the company’s internet service has expanded to various neighbourhoods of Nasheville city to offer ultra-fast internet. Further said that the company is looking forward to help people to put their engagement to good use such as playing own games, streaming the Predators or Titans games, listening to the latest music or getting to work in their own company. Similar to Google Fiber, Webpass is going to provide internet speed up to one gigabyte to the condo buildings or residents in any apartment and business but without requiring substantial construction work.

In Charlotte Park and Sylvan Park, the internet service has already been offered along with 30 apartments and condominium buildings downtown in different regions of Nasheville such as Midtown, German town, east Nasheville and Gulch. In an interview, Martha Ivester, lead of Google Fiber Nasheville operation said that they have made significant progress in their work and they are really trying to be a different internet service company. The company is seeking to differentiate itself with strong customer service. Therefore, Google Fiber doesn’t force customers to take annual contracts, doesn’t limit its data, doesn’t charge customers for internet installation and also promotes a customer service model at the time of appointment.

Hence, in 2016 Google Fiber developed Webpass in a determination to expand the company’s offering of high speed internet.