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McDonald Installing New Devices for Machine Prevention

The fast food giant franchise, McDonald’s ice cream makers were always been worried for their ice cream making machines for being constantly breaking down. But some McDonald’s franchisees are saying that they are going to install a new device that will help the employees to manage better and tackle any issues regarding Ice cream Machine’s damage. Kytch, a software company has developed a device for the McDonald so that franchises can add this device to their current machine. This device then will correct any minor malfunctions occurring in the machine and provide the employees with proper information when a machine appears to be broken. Jeremy O’Sullivan, co-founder of Kytch said in the interview that everything comes back to being connected. One of the major reason of employees’ running out into the machines is their rigorous automated cleaning cycle.

It takes around four hours to complete the cleaning cycle of the machine. Now the new device by Kytch will make sure that this cleaning cycle occurs when it is needed. Also the device will correct any mechanical issue caused by humans to the machine like if the machine is overfilled with ice-cream or under-filled. This device was first introduced in May 2019 by Kytch. This device has the ability to anticipate using data that it collects, if any part of the machine is about to break. Further device will warn the workers about the issue or if any worker is causing the issue. Though McDonald’s corporate is not pushing its several location to implement the device, its locations across multiple franchisees have implemented the new device.

A spokesperson of McDonalds said in the interview that their customers expect is among their top priorities, providing a restaurant experience. McDonald’s Corporation and their several franchisees are continuously working together to improve and enhance the restaurant experience for the customers. So that they can enjoy McDonald’s food when and where they want it.