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Psychiatrists Indicates New Diet Tricks For Balanced Mental Health

A psychiatrist, Dr Uma Naidu founded the first hospital based service in the United States in nutritional psychiatry. She is a director of Lifestyle and Nutritional Psychiatry (Massachusetts General Hospital) and a Professional chef as well. She has written a novel as “This is Your Brain on Food”.

Naidu told in the interview with Iverse about the relationship between diet and mental health. A proper amount of food and water that can help alleviate anxiety. Further she said that the idea of creating was inspired by experience patients. Patients used to struggle of needed prescription medications with difficult side effects. Popular diet plans were not helpful to them. She further added that there is a genuine gap in our nutrition education. Doctors counsel patients about hypertension and diet but don’t address about food and mental health.

According to Naidu, food and nutrition are very basic needs of human beings. Food is a key factor for health involvement because everyone consumes food. Therefore, she shared a training to use nutritional psychiatry in unified way. Dr. Naidu recommended a diet plan to her patients to eat whole foods, Five serving of fruits and vegetables, food containing fibre, vitamins and minerals with few calories if prepared healthily, a bevy of berries as it contains polyphenol, eight to thirteen glasses of water a day to maintain hydration and plant based proteins (nuts, beans, chickpeas and seeds).

She suggested some of the food that can be helpful for reducing the anxiety which contains magnesium are edamame, lean poultry, spinach, black beans, pumpkin seeds, cashews and almonds.