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Facebook suffering a Hackers Attack, might need Better Security

Recently Facebook’s official twitter, Messenger, Instagram account was hacked by a group called OurMine. The group of hackers posted a messages continuously from their handles. Tech Giants are generally hackers dream to hack Facebook and other such platforms. It is a common misconception that only a normal person’s accounts can get hacked on social media it is surprising to see Facebook’s account getting hacked.

One of the messages the hackers wrote mentioned their name and a message talking about how security of Facebook is better than twitter from the official handles of Facebook. It talked about Facebook being hackable but their security better than Twitter.

The Facebook and messenger accounts were locked and are making efforts to restore the accounts as soon as a spokesperson from twitter confirmed the hacking of Facebook’s Twitter and Messenger account.

Facebook confirmed about the accounts getting hacked and tweeted about the same. The tweet said that some of their corporate social accounts were hacked for a short time but now they are secured and the access is restored.

OurMine group doesn’t intend to hack for any criminal intensions or political agendas. Instead they hack the accounts and encourage people to upgrade their security and be careful strong passwords and plugins, pitching in their website link.

OurMine the group of hackers also hacked the accounts of NFL and ESPN previously. They also hacked accounts of important people like the founder of Wikipedia, twitter and Google’s CEO Sunder Pichai a couple of years ago.

It is a possibility that OurMine hacking the accounts of these eminent personalities is a marketing stunt as when they hacked account of a Singer they changed his bio to Hey, It’s OurMine and mentioned that they were just checking security of the account and mentioned their website link for upgrading their security.