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Clearview AI Again Found Amidst Controversy

Clearview AI Company has been controversial for many reasons recently. One of the major reasons is its massive database. Company took more than 3 billion photos from various social media platforms. Even after deleting photos from the platforms or making their accounts private by the users, Clearview AI can recollect all those photos in database. To law enforcements agencies Clearview sells access to its database. Therefore, enforcement agencies can match unknown faces to their other photos.

In an interview, Ton-That the CEO of Clearview AI, despite the counterattack to his technology, he demonstrated the technology of face recognition and privacy without showing the pressure. He described himself as “honoured” to start the conversation about the technology. He is excited to make a great American company with nest intentions. And he said that he wouldn’t sell his products to China, Russia and Iran. He appealed that technology is helping to solve crimes and saving kids. And he is also ready accept the government regulations.

Also the company has given demonstration to law enforcement. Some of them are ready to give taxpayers dollars for the image recognition technology tool. A member of Police department of Chicago said that Department is going to pay $50,000 for Clearview tool for two-years. Over the last month Clearview’s facial recognition tool helped police surveillance department.

Ton-That claims that the facial recognition tool by Clearview is 99% precise. It doesn’t turn back higher errors when searching for people of colour which is a problem that’s well-documented among other facial recognition tools. Facial recognition technology by Clearview is little scary but effective.